Die-casting knowledge

The development and changes of cast aluminum parts

The current common mold (wet type) is mainly used to produce gray iron, ductile iron pieces, although the production process in the aluminum casting process, die-casting, metal casting (including low-pressure casting and gravity casting 0 still dominant, but the Normal mold aluminum casting production (wet type) law in recent years has increased the production of modern wet sand bentonite (including, Department and - activation Department of class 3) as a binder, add the appropriate amount of starch, coal As the production of cast aluminum powder when collapsibility have higher requirements, generally based on the Department of bentonite, bentonite-based mixed with the right amount, or in proportion to the three types of bentonite as a binder mixed units. The traditional hand molding wet France, productivity is low, can not meet the requirements of modern large-scale industrial production.
But now when the use of a wet-type automatic molding machine aluminum casting method, although the initial investment is large, but because of its low operational maintenance costs, high productivity and the advantages of more flexible design changes, in aluminum casting production share of tend to rise.
Pressure molding machine in recent years have greatly improved in terms of the dimensional accuracy of the mold, helping to produce higher levels of complexity, 2 shell aluminum casting casting shell casting method taking into account the production of casting a more high dimensional accuracy, smooth surface, and as a high-pressure casting cores when, under the pressure of 80 of the deformation and minimal shrinkage in the aluminum production process, the shell (core) is more commonly used. However, when all the sand used in the production of cast aluminum parts, collapsing core for evaluation, shell coated sand collapsibility only better than water glass sand.
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