Die-casting knowledge

Machine aluminum parts in the air film presentation

The machine will quickly form aluminum oxide film in air when polishing abrasives (polishing paste) will first throw away the protruding parts of the oxide film, and the concave portion of the people have not thrown, then the substrate is exposed soon after oxidation, then shuffled around again, followed by repeated until throwing a bright so far.
Polishing is not actually cutting aluminum itself, but rather the process of oxide film constantly blows, but due to repeated polishing, the final loss rate cast aluminum material itself or quickly. In addition to cast aluminum smelting outside inhale, when poured into the mold will produce suction, into the liquid metal within the mold decreases with temperature, the solubility of the gas decreases, precipitated excess gas, there is no part of the Plaza gas remaining in the pores formed casting, which is usually known as "pinholes." gas is sometimes combined with shrinkage together precipitated liquid aluminum gas left in the shrinkage pressure if the heat generated by a large bubble, the pores smooth surface, a circle of light around the hole in the layer ; if the bubble generation pressure is small, the hole surface more wrinkles, looks like "flies foot", careful observation and has shrinkage characteristics.
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