Mould flow of knowledge

Chemical nickel plating aluminum parts

A. Aluminum direct chemical nickel plating process Chemical degreasing → washing → pickling Idemitsu → washing → conditioning → → washing → chemical nickel processing
II. Aluminum direct electroless nickel plating process description
1. degreasing. Degreasing by chemical, physical and other methods, the principle of non-corrosive aluminum surface as well, such as HH102 degreasing powder.
2. pickling Idemitsu To use different materials in different processes. Ensure plated surface without hanging ash phenomenon. If there hanging gray case, you can configure the ultrasonic cleaning machine for cleaning. Time 0.5 ~ 2min, room temperature.
3. The table transfer table transfer liquid: sodium citrate 3 ~ 5g / L, ammonia water 200 ~ 250ml / L, time: to the rear surface of the bubble 0.5 ~ 1min, at room temperature.
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