Die-casting knowledge

Applications and Features aluminum cleaners

1. aluminum cleaning agent performance characteristics:
(1) The economy: the case of concentrated products, low concentration dilution, low average cleaning cost efficiency: degreasing effect is good, fast.
(2) Compatibility: net wash items material non-corrosive Applicability: meet immersion, brushing, ultrasonic cleaning, imported and domestic washing machine ideal accessory products.
(3) Security: toxic side effects on the human body, the environment pollution-free, easy to handle waste Stability: Under normal storage conditions, the quality will not change the period.
2, the physical properties
Appearance: milky white translucent, density: 1.03, PH value: 13.5
3, aluminum cleaning agent basic purposes:
Suitable for aluminum, aluminum alloy parts degreasing cleaning. Also applicable to copper, copper alloy and other metal parts surface residual process oil, grease cleaning.
4, the process parameters determined
According to the amount of dirt residues, dirt composition, cleanliness, cleaning methods, drying methods, and online test temperature is determined using the ratio of cleaning time and other process parameters following recommendations: Temperature: between 25 ℃ -70 ℃ adjusted; ratio: 3% -8% water dilution ratio cleaning time: between 0.5min-5min to adjust.
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