Die-casting knowledge

Material production process aluminum and aluminum parts

Since aluminum and aluminum light weight, easy to shape, strength characteristics, in the machinery industry and some weight requirements, the more complex the shape of large components in more applications. Our company produces compressors also contain aluminum alloy components , due to the shape characteristics, dimensional tolerances, geometric tolerances and other reasons, these parts during processing deformation, to bring the process to develop a lot of problems. After repeated exploration, and gradually improve and perfect the processing program, the processing quality has been effectively controlled and increase.
Aluminum machining and dimensional accuracy requirements are not high, but high flatness of 0.05mm and two planes parallel to each other's requirements. In addition, casting large allowance, machining prone to stress caused by the deformation, and the presence of rough certain internal stress. Materials for the Japanese brands ADC12 (Al-Si-Cu alloy, also known as the 12th aluminum material), is a die-cast aluminum, corresponding to domestic alloy YL113. This material after by die-casting, machining used in After the deformation will occur, and place some time deformation increased, mainly due to stress within the casting relatively large force is released after placing the light of deformation, so rough aging treatment in advance.
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