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Aluminum production defect repair

Aluminum alloy in the production process, prone to shrinkage, trachoma, pores and slag and other casting defects. How to repair aluminum alloy casting porosity and other defects it? If welding, TIG welding equipment to repair, since the heat capacity, prone to side effects such as thermal deformation, can not meet the welding requirements.
Cold welding repair machine is to use a high-frequency spark spark, no heat welding principle to repair casting defects due to cold welding heat affected zone will not cause deformation of the substrate annealing, no cracks, no hard spots, hardening phenomenon. and high weld strength, fill material and the substrate simultaneously re-solidification after melting, combined with a solid, can be grinding, milling, filing and other processing, compact does not fall off. Cold welding repair machine is the ideal way aluminum porosity, trachoma and other small defects repair .
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